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Behind the Numbers Podcast with Anne Cookson, Crustology

In our latest podcast, we went one-on-one with FBLP member Anne Cookson of Baker’s Quality Pizza Crusts to learn the inside story behind the decision-making, business plan and marketing of their new retail e-commerce company: Crustology. Listen now >

Baker’s Quality Pizza Crusts has its roots in the Milwaukee pizza scene since the 1960’s, making and nationally distributing pizza crusts to the restaurant and hospitality industry. When business dropped by 90% at the start of 2020 due to the restaurant industry shutdown, third-generation leaders Anne Cookson and her brother Chris Miller moved quickly to adapt to the new stay-at-home climate.

Valuable insights from our discussion:

  • How Anne and Chris looked at risk and reward

  • How they convinced the rest of the family to move forward

  • What kind of a business plan did they develop

  • How they started up a brand-new e-commerce retail business in 3 months

  • What they learned about the world of e-commerce and digital marketing

  • How they measure success

  • Were there any unanticipated pitfalls or positive surprises

  • What they are pleased with, what they would do differently, and what they wish they had known before moving forward

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