TED Talk’s Dustin James: Sharpen your Axe

On March 1, FBLP members found out learning can be fun when you’re with Dustin James! The group got motivated and inspired about their businesses by this TED Talk speaker and successful salesman.

Dustin described running a successful family business like riding a roller coaster. It has many ups, downs, twists and turns. And, just when you think the rush is over it starts all over again. He said that as family business owners we are all amazing and full energy and passion for what we do. Even he took a moment to make audience participants tell themselves “I am awesome.”

Dustin said the key to a family owned businesses success is to find out what motivates us and our employees, and to have a mindset of excellence so you can lead your teams and continue to motivate them.

Dustin said he feels strongly that there are four factors to success:

  1. 1. Emotion: He quoted Dale Carnegie saying, “You’re not dealing with credit of logic your dealing with creatures of emotion.”

2. Life Experiences: Dustin recommeneding taking the time to write down all of the jobs you ever had and what each one taught you.He also said that you should take these life experience and use them to find common threads you have with others.

3. Education: Dustine said you should be consuming as much information regarding your business and the world around as possible. Take advantage of podcasts while you are driving, feed your mind with knowledge and remember you are never to old to learn.

4. Energy: Dustin concluded by reminding all of us we only get one body so we should fuel it healthy foods and activity. He recommended taking the time to exercise to reduce your stress level and to make sure that you get plenty of sleep so you can always perform at the top of your game.

Finally, Dustin said you need to remember, “Life isn’t easy, business isn’t easy but you are awesome.” Find a mantra to keep you positive. His from his child hood is “I’m happy, I’m heathy and I’m terrific.”

Surround yourself with winners, work hard, build your way and find your success.