Passion. Love. Growth. Typical ingredients in a family business.

But there’s nothing typical about ITA – Institute of Technology & Academics, an urban choice school founded by Jess Tuli and Kulbir Singh ten years ago.  They now serve more than 250 students at the K4 – 8th grade level – and they are clearly transforming the lives of children at and below poverty level.

Family Business Legacy Institute held an open house on Wednesday, October 18th for members and partners at ITA.  No one was expecting what they experienced – tears, cheers and inspiration.

Students and young alumni of ITA proudly gave tours of their school and shared their personal stories of hardship and achievement. It was clear how much love they have for their experience at ITA. Co-founders, Jess Tuli and Kulbir Singh, along with school principal Blaire Busack shared their mission and future plans – which include a large playground and athletic field.

I had an opportunity to receive a wonderful tour of the facility from three enthusiastic students from the ITA Grade School  who are now high school students in the area. What was formerly racquet ball courts, are now classrooms. What was most impressive about the tour, was their passion and love for the school. ITA has college banners from all over the country displayed everywhere reminding ITA students  their goal of someday, attending college. The school’s emphasis on reading was also heartwarming, where the teachers at ITA will spend half of each day teaching a new student reading, just to catch up with their classmates.  James F. Marshall, President, Spectrum Investment Advisors

A sincere thank you to Jess and Kulbir for opening their doors and coordinating student tours, food (from Shully’s Cuisine) and wine (from Corvina Wine Co.).

Check out the great photos from the evening – and if you missed the event, view their video to learn more about ITA.