How LinkedIn Can Help Your Family Business Experience Success

On Friday, March 23, FBLI family members gathered to hear LinkedIn expert Wayne Breibarth talk about what LinkedIn is, how it works and why it is so important for your family business to be utilizing it.

Breitbarth, who was an accountant and owned a business furniture store before getting interested LinkedIn, said what really drew him into LinkedIn was how powerful of a business database it is.

He is now an internationally recognized leader in LinkedIn training, marketing, and consulting. And has shared his expertise with more than 80,000 business professionals around the world through private business meetings and dynamic conference presentations. He has been featured in Forbes, Inc., Wired, and American Express Open Forum and seen on NBC and Fox Business.

Breitbarth encouraged all FBLI members to link to everyone they know and care about, and took the time to show seminar participants how to utilize the filters in LinkedIn to search for business prospects as well as potential employees.

Breitbarth also provided FBLI attendees with some templates on how to connect with prospects and a send follow-up thank you notes for after an invitation to connect is accepted. Another useful tool FBLI attendees received was a worksheet to help them determine the right keywords for their profile headline, summary, experience, recommendations, skills, education, volunteer experience and accomplishments.

As an added bonus, seminar attendees were able to pick up a complimentary copy of Breitbarth’s critically acclaimed book, The Power Formula for LinkedIn Success (now in its third edition). The book retails on Amazon for $16.78.