Instantaneous Differentiation

On September 1,1 FBLP family members gathered at Marquette University to hear about Instantaneous Differentiation from Paul Neuberger the president of The Starr Group. Paul is also a keynote speaker and sales trainer, and his enthusiasm for what he does was more than apparent.

Paul shared with the group tips on how to make yourself memorable through emotional selling. He pointed out that, “People won’t always remember what you said, but they will remember how they felt when you spoke to them.”

He said that in order to set yourself apart from the competition you need to identify the intangible traits you possess and put them on display for everyone to see. Intangibles can be humor, integrity, enthuisiasm, empathy, graciousness or other qualities that make you who you are.

Paul cited Simon Sinek’s Golden Circle which contains three rings a “what” outer ring, (every organization knows what they do, these are the products they sell or services they offer); followed by a “how” middle ring (some organizations know how they do it. These are the things that set them apart the competition and make them special); and a “why” inner ring (very few organizations know why their purpose, cause or belief).

He went on to explain how the “why” inner most circle works best to differentiate yourself from the competitors. He then provided attendees tips on how to build your “why”:
1. figure out your story and tell it
2. Be detailed and specific
3. Illicit a response through emotion
4. present conflict
5. tell your point of transformation
6. be relatable to the client.

Attendees walked away with a better sense of how to make themselves and their companies stand out and above from their competitors.

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