FBLI Retreat Offers Great Insights and Networking Opportunities

On January 20, FBLI hosting its half day Retreat Seminar at the Wisconsin Club. The day featured eight speakers sharing their insights on a variety of topics including Mary Beth Geiser from Aurora Sports Medicine speaking on “Keeping Family and Employees Healthy”; Todd McLee from Pendio addressing “Five Big Reasons Why B2B Companies Fail to Grow”;  Amy Nimke from The Good Jobs presenting “Good Employees and Employers and How You Can Get One and Become One”; Shannon Braun from Godfrey and Kahn talking about “Keeping It In the Family – the Good, the Bad and the Ugly Side of Prenuptial Agreements”; Jon Otte from CLA talking about “Fraud Detection”; BizTimes Media addressing “Leveraging Social Media and Content Marketing to Enhance a Companies Brand and to Drive Sales”; Milwaukee Radio group talking about “Using Radio to Reach Consumers”; Doug Marconnet and Robert Jansen of Bridgewood Advisors discussing “Building Value/Family Wealth in your Business”: and Brad Reitzner and Derek Laczniak of M3 speaking on “Data Privacy and Security, the Future of Crime is Here and Own Your Risk.”

The event concluded with a social hour where members and presenters could network and enjoy each other’s company.

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