Creating a Strong Brand

On Tuesday, October 23, FBLI family members got to learn first-hand from an expert. Dean Brian Till from the Marquette’s School of Business and co-author of The Truth about Creating Brands People Love conducted a morning workshop “Creating a Strong Brand for your Family Business.”

  • Dean Till began his presentation by talking about the basics of branding, and how a brand is a promise, identity, unifier, and a symbol. He then went on to talk about some characteristics of strong brands like BMW and Mac, Southwest Airlines.
  • They all are:
  • -Relevant
  • -Simple
  • -Consistent.

He pointed out that when you look at the uniqueness of a brand you really need to be able to describe how it is different than its competition, its unique physical and service attributes as well as its symbolic attributes.

When you are reviewing how a brand is relevant you need to be able to identify its target audience by demographics, geographics and psychographics. In an ideal world you should be able to speak about a brand’s essence in just a view words and a brand should be consistent across time and across its marketing mix.

Dean Till provided all attendees with a handout to help them figure out what makes their family business unique, special and different which it come to physical, service and symbolic attributes. The worksheet also helped attended to identify the most likely prospects for their business and the one thing about their brand that they want most top-of-mind.

Attendees left the event having a one-sentence positioning statement for their brand, their target audiences identified, supporting organizations determined and brand personality described.

“This was the best hour and a half I have spent working on marketing my business in a long time,” said one attendee.