The “All Business” radio show with Dr. Dave welcomes Do-Mo Capital Management

The “All Business Show” on WTMJ620 Radio with Dr. David Borst features  Jason Dopierala of Do-Mo Capital Management.

Acting decisively on investments that are contrary to the mark consensus, due to to irrationality and fear, with composure and resolution.

This statement defines the Do-Mo Capital Management investment philosophy and each attribute defines our company and embodies how we think as individuals and how we act on a daily basis to manage money on behalf of our clients.

Over the years some of our most profitable investments in the model portfolio began as some of our worst investments. How is that possible? It’s possible, because we have an Investment Doctrine that puts us into the right position to capitalize and take advantage of any situation. Furthermore, we do not waiver from our Investment Doctrine nor do we make excuses or one-time exceptions, because those actions are typically borne out of either fear or greed which goes against the very nature of how we are able to achieve exceptional performance in any market.

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