Bomb’s Away Event Is Right on Target!

Our fun Bomb’s Away event held on October 9,  focused on teamwork, and working united.  It also stressed the fact that more often than not the target you are aiming for in business is missed.  However, no matter what the situation, families need to have fun, stick together and remember that good things can happen even if you don’t hit your mark.

For our event, the rookies stole the show again! Anne Cookson and Chris Miller, from Baker’s Quality Pizza Crusts, won the Bomb’s Away event. The two were within 9 feet and 7 inches of our target. 0The next closest bomb (or pumpkin) was dropped 17 feet 7 inches away from the bulls eye, by newlyweds Pete and Amanda Marino. The question now is was the Marino’s 2nd place finish enough for them to wrap up the gold medal as “winningest” family in the FBLI in 2015?  You will have to join us in January for the end of year awards ceremony to find out!

The Bomb’s Away event wrapped up with a sumptuous meal put on by That’s Amore catering. Thanks to Captain Khayat for his flying expertise, the Tomasini family for hosting and all who attended!

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