Active Shooter Training

On November 28, FBLI’s strategic partner M3 hosted an active shooter training with Ted Hayes, CSP, MSE. The hour and a half long program covered some very heavy subjects that are unfortunately part of our reality in today’s troubled world.

Hayes started his presentation talking about how the first 30 seconds in a crisis situation are the most critical, and how you always need to be prepared to act not react. He covered how a person’s Observe, Orient, Decide, Act (OODA) Loop is generally around 220 milliseconds, and how denial and emotions can slow your response rate so it is imperative to plan ahead and have mental action scripts prepared for ‘what if’ emergency situations.

Hayes covered how to secure a room, by locking, jamming and/or barricading doors, and how to make it appear like no one is in the room by turning off lights, keeping cell phones quiet and not casting shadows under a the door. He also talked about the “Fatal Funnel” area where gun shots are most likely to enter a room from a door area. Hayes then went on to discuss how shots are generally fired in the “Nipples to Knees area on people so it is advantageous to either get lower toward the floor or higher toward the ceiling in barricaded room an emergency situation. He also pointed out how bullets will not ricochet off of walls but rather skim along walls so you should have yourself positioned two to three feet away from walls.

Hayes provided some tips on what to do if you encounter the shooter by throwing things at their face and eyes, and how you can actually stop them by grabbing the barrel of the gun and jamming your other arm into the shooter’s throat or face.

Finally, he talked about the importance of moving with purpose and getting yourself safe as quickly as possible before calling 9-1-1. This includes running at 90 degree angles and running for a while and then ducking so the shooter can not take aim at you.

The important take away from the event was that companies need to be prepared and plan ahead for emergency situations making sure that their entire staff is properly trained for emergencies, that proper tools for emergency situations are in place, that doors are labeled and everyone is conscious suspicious looking visitors entering your place of business.

To inquire about active shooter training for your place of business please contact Hayes at or visit