A Night With Winston Churchill

A survey conducted by Price Waterhouse Cooper found that Winston Churchilll was named the “Most Admirable Leader” by 1,330 CEOS from the world’s largest corporations.

It was with this statistic in mind that FBLP organized a fabulous one man show by Winston Churchill historian and actor Randy Otto.

The 60-minute show gave an account of history from Winston’s eyes.

With a drink in his hand and a cigar close by, he touched briefly on his early life and how he was a naughty little boy who preferred to fence versus studio Latin. He paid  homage to his nanny Elizabeth Ann Everest who was a key influence in his life and told him it was in his destiny to become a great man.

In 1895, when both of his parents died, Winston decided to become a soldier/correspondent and that changed the trajectory of his life. He fought, was captured, escaped and eventually was elected the youngest person ever in the House of Parliament.

He talked about the black dog he had on his heels after experiencing so many casualties of war during the Gallipoli Campaign, and how that can weigh down one’s soul.

He expressed how painting oil canvases became his escape from reality and how everyone needs a hobby to get away from life’s stresses for a while.

Winston also provided insights into his life lesson’s learned through years of conflict and struggle and some timeless principles of leadership including:
1. Having a clear vision to drive all strategies
2. Organizing to overcome opposition
3. Turning details into action
4. Communicating from experience while using simple words
5. Encouraging a culture of innovation and building confidence

For more information on Randy Otto’s Churchill presentations visit ChurchillSpeaker.com.