2016 Year End Celebration with Bears Family Owner Brian McCaskey

It was a chilly Friday night in January when FBLI members and their partners gathered to celebrate a successful 2016  at Shully’s Cuisine in Thiensville.

The Shully family, being AMAZING hosts, once again didn’t disappoint. They served up mouth-watering hors d’oeuvres, a delicious roasted beet salad on a bed of Arugula, and  memorable  twin entrées of sautéed fresh whitefish on a bed fettuccini fresh zucchini, and a seared pork tenderloin medallion topped with chevre cheese and a Riesling drizzle on a bed of butternut squash, mushrooms, fava beans, leeks and local diced apples.

Following the dinner, awards were  presented to  the Schultz Family of Efco Finishing for their recruitment of new families to FBLI.  The Shully family of Shully’s Cuisine and the Sommer family of Highlands Hunt Club each received an award for  opening their businesses to the use of our families and the betterment of FBLI.  And finally, the Miller/Cookson family of Baker’s Quality Pizza Crust received an award for their outstanding participation at FBLI events.

FBLI Year End Party 011

Efco Finishing

FBLI Year End Party 012

Shully’s Cuisine

FBLI Year End Party 010

Baker’s Quality Pizza Crust

FBLI Year End Party 014The evening concluded with an enlightening presentation by Brian McCaskey family owner of the Chicago Bears. He discussed some of the challenges his family has faced with the growth of the Bears organization and the transition of having the third and fourth generations becoming an active part of the family business.  His candid insights were valuable to all in attendance.


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