What Type of Leader Are You?

On November 10, nearly 50 FBLI members gathered at M3’s new heaquarters to hear Dr. Dan Schroeder from Organizational Development Consultants address leadership styles. An industrial psychologist and service provider for the FBLI, Dr. Dan first had participants look at where their organizations are in their life cycle:
The First Phase: Entrepreneurial
The Second Phase: Early Growth followed by Late Growth, or
the Third Phase: Decline or Renewal.

He then talked about the organizational types, and had participants take a values leadership practice survey that determined whether they are producers, directors, monitors, coordinators, mentors, facilitators, innovators, brokers or evaluators.

The idea behind the workshop was to get participants to realize that businesses require different types of leadership styles depending on where  they are at in their life cycle. And that if leaders aren’t willing to change their styles as a business grows it can greatly impact the sustainability of a company. Family members talked in small groups and then as an entire group about their leadership styles and how their roles have changed within their organizations throughout the years.

For more information on Dr. Dan and his company Organization Development Consultants please visit: http://www.od-consultants.com/who-we-are/professional-staff/?ID=47

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