2019 Family Business Retreat with Wisconsin School of Business Family Business Center

On May 21, Family Business Leadership Partners and the Wisconsin School of Business Family Business Center united for a second year to host a half-day Family Retreat in Oconomowoc. The event  featured four breakout sessions, a networking lunch, and a panel discussion with the Shully family from Shully’s Cuisine and Events. Breakout sessions included: Cathy… Read more »

High performance companies use the 360 Review Process

Written by Jim Baka, FBLP Chairman The 360 Review Process is a very useful tool because it allows all applicable individuals to receive helpful feedback regarding their respective relationship – good, bad and neutral in hopefully, a balanced manner (consider the positive attributes of the other person vs. just your perceived negative issues with that… Read more »

Cultural Competency Workshop Opens Minds to Accepting Everyone Despite Their Differences

On the April 10, FBLP hosted an engaging and eye-opening Cultural Competency Workshop led by Samantha Maldonaldo from Pinpoint Solutions. The goal of the event was to make attendees think about their own place in the world and how they choose to show up and purposefully and mindfully connect with others of diverse backgrounds. Maldonaldo… Read more »

Economists Presents His Thoughts on 2019

On February 7, FBLP family members gathered at Marquette University to welcome back economist Dr. Mike Knetter of the University of Wisconsin Foundation. Dr. Knetter began his presentation by reviewing 2018 and current state of our economy and predicted what could happen in the next year. Dr. Knetter pointed out that 2018’s year-end stock market… Read more »

2018 Year End Party Highlights

On January 4, FBLI members united to celebrate 2018. The event hosted by Shully’s Cuisine and Events, featured guest speaker David Cooks, author of Getting Undressed: From Paralysis to Purpose. At the age of 15, Cooks a sophomore who loved playing basketball at Marquette High Cchool experienced a spinal aneurism, leaving him a T-6 paraplegic…. Read more »