2016 Membership Rate Changes

Your Board is pleased to announce a change in our family membership rate structure effective January 1, 2016.  We have decided on a sliding scale that follows: Company gross revenue of $0-$1 million= $2,000/year in dues for two family members. Company gross revenue of $1 million to $5 million= $3,000/year in dues for two family members. More… Read more »

Bomb’s Away Event Is Right on Target!

Our fun Bomb’s Away event held on October 9,  focused on teamwork, and working united.  It also stressed the fact that more often than not the target you are aiming for in business is missed.  However, no matter what the situation, families need to have fun, stick together and remember that good things can happen… Read more »

Aim…Fire…Shoot Wrap Up

The ATF event at the Highlands Hunt Club went off without a wound… gun-shot wound that is. We learned more about the SEAL’s than we ever knew, and learned the focus it takes to succeed in your mission…be it an assault or a family business. The families and partners listened with rapt attention at all… Read more »

The Women of FBLI

Women are owners, spouses, fiancées, daughters and girlfriends. They have many unique roles in a family business and thus these roles must be recognized, supported and encouraged. Our partners at M3 sponsored a special Women’s Event in July at the University Club of Milwaukee. Ann Joda of CLA and Julia Burke of Burke Chocolates were… Read more »